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The main idea behind this game is to launch (ugly) animals as far as possible into the game world until you reach the end of the level. The game world consists of an apparatus to launch the animal (slingshot, cannon, rocket launchpad, etc.), various different obstacles on the ground and in the air (balloons, quicksand, ramps, etc.) and a goal to reach. You can also gain game credits for reaching special achievements like cut the ropes of five balloons. With the credits from your achievements you can "buy" upgrades, e.g. a better slingshot. The difficulty of levels increases from level to level.
Description of the main entities
1) The animals
• There are different kinds of animals
• Animals have different kinds of attributes and skills (jumping, flying, aerodynamics, etc.)
• Skills like jumping or the flight height can be triggered by the user input
2) The obstacles
• There different kinds of obstacles
• Can be in the air or on the ground
• Have different attributes (e.g. increasing/decreasing velocity)
3) The apparatus to launch the animal
• There are different kinds of apparatuses (slingshot, canon, rocket launchpad)
• The shooting angle can be adjusted by the player

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